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The New Year Rushes In

The Checker Maven wishes a Happy New Year to all our readers! The years surely seem to speed by as we get older. But let's rush into 2006 with a couple of 15 second challengers. Our digital clock, like time itself, gives no quarter. Can you beat it?

Click on a problem to display it; when you're done, click on Read More to check your solutions.

But above all, enjoy the New Year and keep on reading the weekly editions of The Checker Maven!

New Year's Eve Speedster No. 1

New Year's Eve Speedster No. 2


January Speedster No. 1
31-27! 32-30 17-21 and White Wins: 30-26 21-23 29-25 23-26

January Speedster No. 2
14-9! 5-14 6-9! 13-6 2-11 White Wins.

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