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Complete Checkers, by Richard Pask


Grandmaster Richard Pask's crowning achievement, Complete Checkers, is now available in electronic and print editions. We are proud to say that Mr. Pask once again gave us the honor of editing, typesetting, and publishing his latest work.

Combining all seven sections of 21st Century Checkers with much new material, including guides and indices as well as play revisions and enhancements, the book extends to over 730 pages, with 200 diagrams and some 2,200 complete games. It will be the definitive guide to 3-move ballot play for decades if not generations to come. Mr. Pask has built on the work of the great players and masters, applying his own vast knowledge and expertise, and employing powerful modern computer engines to validate and extend the analyses.

The result is incomparable, and due to Mr. Pask's generosity, the electronic edition is yours as a completely free PDF download. Just go to the Richard Pask page, as linked in the right-hand column. It was our mutual desire that the book be available to everyone, everywhere, without barriers caused by financial limitations.

But, means permitting, you may likely wish to have a print copy. The print edition is perfect-bound with full-color covers and can be obtained from Amazon or CreateSpace as well as Amazon UK and Europe sites. It is priced very modestly at $24.99 in the US. We put a lot of care into the print edition and we think you'll find it a great addition to your checker library, providing you with years of high-level study material.

Now, just to get you going, here's a position from some of the new material Mr. Pask added to this edition.

Bell's Win
White to Play and Win


There is more than one way to do this, but the differences are in the details rather in the basic principles. The solution is a bit long and you may not find it easy, but we'll give you a broad hint: think about achieving a simpler, known winning position.

Book your solution and then page over to Read More to see a solution.20050904-symbol.gif


We give here one possible solution, as calculated by KingsRow. For an alternate sequence (which is similar in principle), get the book and reference page 674.

1. 22-18 14-17
2. 21x14 10x17
3. 23-19 17-22
4. 24-20 13-17
5. 19-15 17-21
6. 18-14 22-25
7. 15-10 7-11
8. 10-7 11-15
9. 7-3 15-19
10. 3-7 19-23
11. 7-10 23-27
12. 14-9 27-32
13. 10-15 32-28
14. 9-6 28-24
15. 6-2 25-29
16. 2-7 29-25
17. 15-18 24-19
18. 7-10 19-24
19. 10-14 24-28
20. 14-17 28-24
21. 17-22 25-29
22. 18-15 24-28
23. 15-19 28-32

and White has what is effectively a 1st Position win.

Grandmaster Richard Pask
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