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Capers on the Kelso, Part 9


In researching this series we found that there are quite a few restaurants and bars named Capers, many more than we had ever expected, and representing varying meanings of the name. In the photo above, the Detroit-area bar named Capers is known to feature "good stiff drinks" although we're frankly not sure that's quite the right reputation to have.

At the Checker Maven, we're not drinkers ourselves, but if we were, we might still say that this week's problem merits a "good stiff drink."

We'll be looking at yet another Kelso variation found in Willie Ryan's classic Tricks Traps & Shots of the Checkerboard. To be specific, it's Variation 2, Note H, in the original book. Here's the run-up without commentary. See previous columns in this series for notes and discussion.

1. 10-15 22-18
2. 15x22 25x18
3. 11-15 18x11
4. 8x15 21-17
5. 4-8 17-13
6. 9-14 29-25
7. 6-10 24-20
8. 1-6 28-24
9. 8-11 32-28
10. 14-17 25-21
11. 10-14 23-19
12. 7-10 30-25
Bblack to Play and Draw


This position doesn't look so good for Black, to put it mildly, yet a draw is here. It will require no less than five "star" moves, and isn't at all easy to find; we'd call this an expert level problem for sure.

Whether you're an expert or not, the position is dramatic and worthy of study, and the solution is very pleasing. So do give it a try, and then click on Read More for the solution.20050904-symbol.gif


13. 3-8* 25-22
14. 15-18 22x15
15. 11x18 27-23
16. 18x27 19-16
17. 12x19 24x15
18. 10x19 31x15
19. 6-9* 13x6
20. 2x9 28-24
21. 9-13 24-19
22. 14-18*

Black, seemingly lost, saves the draw with this brilliant move. 5-9 loses after 5-9 20-16 8-12 16-11 and Black has no safe move. White Wins.

22. ... 21x14
23. 13-17* 19-16
24. 8-12 16-11
25. 12-16* 11-7
26. 16-19

Drawn. Isn't checkers something? Do you want that "good stiff drink"? Honestly, we can't recommend it, but if you're of legal age and you won't be driving, the choice is yours.


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