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Smaller Than Life

On the opposite end of the "larger than life" spectrum is the "smaller than life" world of miniatures. We're fascinated by the tiny books shown in the photo above, although we do know that unfortunately they aren't checker books. However, checkers has its own world of miniatures, and today we're pleased to bring you another miniature problem. We like to publish these from time to time; while they are not everyone's cup of tea, they are elegant, entertaining, and nearly always applicable to practical play. Shown below is one that we think merits all of the previous adjectives.


Black to Play and Win


Give the problem a "good little try" and then click on Read More to see the "little old solution."


After a few moves, the solution should be familiar to most of our readers. The apparent length of the solution masks the fact that the process is straightforward, if a bit protracted.

21-17 5-9 17-22 9-5 1-6 5-1 6-9 1-6 9-13 6-10 22-18 10-6 13-17 6-9 17-22 9-6 22-26 6-10 26-30 10-6 30-26 6-10 26-23 10-6 18-14 6-1 14-10 1-5 23-18 5-9 18-15 9-5 10-6 5-1 15-10 29-25 and Black continues with the win by First Position (see our previous column on this topic).

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