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Black to Move and Crown

Here's one that's a little different, and although out of the mainstream of checker problems, we think you'll find it an interesting exercise in visualization. Here's the situation:


Black to Move and Crown

For this puzzle, in which play adheres to the normal rules of checkers, Black is to crown a man while White is to prevent the attempt. Can you guide a Black man to the ranks of royalty? When you're done, click on Read More to see if your solution is truly noble.


This old puzzle is attributed to the famed turn of the 20th century checker author Dr. T. J. Brown. There are several solutions, of which this is one:

9-13 24-20 2-7 23-18 7-11 27-23 10-15 19-10 11-16 20-11 12-16

and Black cannot be prevented from crowning the piece on 16, even though in conventional terms the game is a total loss!

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