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A Small Slice of Veal


Some of us need to be on diets. 1,000 calories a day, maybe? That doesn't allow for much. Salads with no-fat dressing, if any dressing at all; steamed vegetables (hold the butter, thank you), and a little protein. Just a little.

Fortunately our game of checkers doesn't involve diets, but it can involve small servings in the form of miniature problems. Today in Checker School we continue with another composition by William Veal--- a small slice, if you will.

Black to Play, White Wins


Well, yes, White is a man up and should win, but maybe it's not as easy as all that. The White men look pretty exposed and Black might be able to chase one of them down ... but we'll let you figure out the best line of play. In the end, it's a fairly small effort. So slice (and dice) this one, and then click on Read More to see the solution.null


Mr. Veal's very nice solution goes like this:

24-27 23-18---A,B 27-31 18-14! 9x18---C 26-23 18x27 28-32 31-26 32x30 White Wins.

A---Surely not 23-19 losing at once to the breeches.

B---The computer here plays 9-13 which allows for a simple White win that, however, takes longer to accomplish.

C---The computer captures 31-22 instead, again allowing for a simple but longer White win.

Should we follow this up with a nice treat like a diet-busting ice cream cone?


We'll leave that up to you!

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