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No Winter Slowdown Here

Winter is often thought of as a time of slowing down, and for some large animals, the deep sleep of hibernation. Well, winter is arriving in much of the North American continent, but there's certainly no slowdown, let alone hibernation, of checker activity. And with today's speed problem, snoozing will not be an option, because you've only got 15 seconds to pull off a solution.

Put on your indoor running shoes and get ready for a real wake-up call, When you're ready, click on the link below; then come back and awaken the Read More button to check your solution. Solve now, sleep later!

November 2010 Speed Problem (easy)



White to Play and Win


14-17 22-26---A 27-23 13x22 23x21 White Wins

A----Any other move simply loses a man at once; if for instance 25-30 then 17-26 30-23 27-18 White Wins.

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