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Hurry Back to School


School is back in session, and the kids had better hurry and catch the bus so as not to be late--- we suppose we should say "tardy"--- for class. A little extra speed might avoid having to bring home a note from the teacher.

A little extra hustle is also called for in this month's speed problem, which looks more complex than it really is. Keen eyes and good checker sense will solve this one, but there's not a moment to lose, as we're only allowing 30 seconds to solve it.

Don't miss the bus; click on the link below, find the answer, and then ride back and click on Read More to check your moves.

September Speed Problem (moderate difficulty; 30 second time limit)



White to Play and Win


20-16!---A 11x27 28-24 18x25 30x7 2x11 19x1 White Wins.

A---White gives up two men right off the bat!

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