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In the Woods


W. J. Wood was a player, problemist, and leading checker editor for many years way back when. The problem below dates back to the 1920s and it's really a good one.

White to Play and Draw


We said it was good, not easy. White is in immediate danger of losing a piece. How can the game be saved? Can White find his way out of the woods, or at least out of Mr. Wood's predicament?

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3-7!---A 22x13 10-6!2x18 11-8! 4x11 7x14 13-9 14-10 9-13 10-14 etc. Drawn---B

A---17-13 looks like a logical alternative, but loses: 22-17 (chasing with 22-18 loses for Black after 3-7 18x9 13x6 2x9 11-8! 4-11 7-23 9-14 10-7 14-17 7-2 5-9 2-6 9-13 23-18 17-21 18-22 White Wins) 3-8 19-23 8-12 23-26 12-16 26-30 16-19 30-26 19-24 26-23 24-27 23-19 and now White is stuck with nothing good, for instance 13-9 4-8 11x4 19-15 9-6 2x18 Black Wins.

B---Black is a piece up but can't do anything. The man in the "dog hole" at 28 is of little use.

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