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Some problems definitely fall in the "really easy" category; they're as simple as two plus two equals ... how much was that again? Oh, right, four--- in any integer arithmetic of base five or higher, to be a little more precise. (One could argue that two plus two equals four even in arithmetics of base four or base three, but the symbol "4" wouldn't exist. And in base two, the symbol "2" wouldn't even exist. We'll stop there!)

In checker terms, today's speed problem is also really easy even if it's a cut above the trivial. You won't need much time for this one; ten seconds is way too long but because of our innate generosity, we'll give you ten seconds anyhow.

When you're ready, click on the link below, solve the problem, then come back and click on Read More to check your solution.

November Speed Problem (very easy)



White to Play and Win


17-22 18x25 20-16 11x27 32x23 30-26 23x21 29-25 21x30 White Wins.

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