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Croon in June

Croon, June, spoon, moon ... these were the rhymes used in many a song during the days of what was known in the music business as "Tin Pan Alley," which had its reign during much of the same era that the game of checkers had its own, from the late 1800s through perhaps the 1930s. Though the songs of Tin Pan Alley might seem trite and shopworn to a modern audience, in their own day they were, as they say, "The Cat's Meow."

You certainly aren't reading our column, though, because you think checkers is shopworn or trite; we're certainly of the opinion that it remains as fresh and interesting as ever a game could be. So, to help you croon at the start of June, we've brought you an especially pleasing speed problem. Bit we won't give you the typical three or so minutes that a Tin Pan Alley song would last; you've got only 20 seconds--- maybe just enough time for a quick chorus.

When you're ready to croon, click on the link below to display the problem and start the clock ticking. When you're done, come back and click on Read More and we'll sing out the solution.

June Speed Problem (20 second time limit; fairly easy)



White to Play and Win


31-26 12-16---A, B 25-22 17-21 22-18 14-23 26-12 White Wins.

A---17-21 25-22 12-16 returns to the main line of the solution.

B---14-18? 25-22 (or 26-22) White Wins.

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