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Now, we're not saying beginners at the great game of checkers should stay in the corner, be put in the corner, or for that matter, be cornered. But after a spate of some pretty difficult problems and positions, we decided we should run a few easier ones, of the kind that our newer players can both solve and benefit from. More experienced players can solve these as speed problems, so it's our hope that there's something here for everyone.

Black to Play and Win


This problem embodies two tactical motifs, which we'll explain in the solution. Try to solve the position from the diagram, without setting up or moving the pieces. Then click on Read More to corner the market on the answer.20050904-symbol.gif


Black wins by forcing White to take an "in and out" jump, using the "free" moves to take a slip shot.

3-7---A 11x2 9-13---B 2x9 13x31---C 9-14 31x24 Black wins.

A---White must jump "in" and make a King.

B---Black "slips" behind the White man on 17. Since the White king must jump "out" on the next move, White can't prevent the 13-31 double jump.

C---The "slip" is followed by Black's own version of "in and out." The White piece on 27 has nowhere to go and will be lost. Black will be a clear man up and will easily win.

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