The Checker Maven

Falling Into Fall


It seems as though this young lady has taken a deliberate tumble into a pile of autumn leaves, a fall into fall, if you will. We wonder if she has tumbled to something here, as she looks relaxed and content.

We think you'll be quite content, too, after solving this month's speed problem, provided by regular contributors Lloyd and Josh Gordon of Toronto.

White to Play and Win


We'd rate this one as "very easy" for most experienced players, and good practice for the rest of us. Don't take a fall; see how quickly you can solve it, then click on Read More to verify your solution.null


15-11 8x15 19x10 6x15 28x10 2-6 25-22 6x15 22-17 15-18 17x10 18x27 32x23 White Wins.


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