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Beat the Heat

August in most of the Northern Hemisphere brings some of the hottest weather of the year. We know that here in our Santa Fe offices, located in New Mexico's high desert country, it's hard to think about moving very fast in the blistering heat of summer. But nevertheless, we invite you to "beat the heat" with our August speed problem, an offering that isn't so easy and is perhaps a little over the top for speed solving.

Taking all this into account and allowing for the summer heat, we'll give you extra solving time. In fact, we'll go so far as to allow you three minutes to find the solution. Generous, aren't we?

When you're ready, click on the link below to display the problem and kick off the red-hot Javascript timer. Come back and click on Read More when you're ready to see the solution.

August Speed Problem (moderately difficult; 3 minutes)



White to Play and Win


23-27 16-20---A 27-32 20-24 30-26 29-25---B 26-31 25-22---C 32-28 White Wins.

A---If 16-19 then 27-24 19-26 30-23 29-25 23-18 (or 23-26) and White wins on the Move.

B---Or 24-28 26-22 White Wins.

C---Again, if 24-28 31-26 White Wins; on any other move 32-28 wins as above.

A very instructive and practical problem!

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