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Simple Elegance

Complex stroke problems are fun, and crowded middle game positions can be a challenge, but there is little to compare with the sheer, simple elegance of a well-composed 2x2 end game problem. Here is a real classic, attributed to G. H. Slocum.


Black to Play and Win

When you've solved this, we think you'll agree that there is genuine charm in such a compact position, requiring just the right play. Click on Read More to see the main line solution as originally published long ago.


4-8, 27-23, 11-16, 29-25, 16-20, 25-21, 20-24, 23-18, 24-27, 18-14, 27-31, 21-17, 31-26, 17-13, 26-22 and Black now completes the win with 14-9, 22-17, 9-5, 8-11, 5-1, 17-14, 1-6, 11-15, 6-1, 15-10.

Other variations are possible but all end up the same way; try this one out with your computer program to fully appreciate its depth.

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