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Rebound. With the literal meaning of "bouncing back" the term applies to a number of things. There's the rebound in basketball. Someone recovering from an injury or illness can be said to be "on the rebound." And of course there's always the "rebound romance."

"Rebound" is an apt title for today's Checker School column. You'll see why when you solve it.


White to Play and Win


This one is probably around medium in difficulty. You may not get it on the first try, but we're sure you'll "rebound" from any such small setbacks and find the solution. When you've either figured it out or bounced around enough, click on Read More to bound over all barriers and see how it's done.null


Notice the "bouncing" effect of the captures, hence the title of the problem. It's a very old one, attributed to William Payne.

20-16 11x20 19-15 10x19 23x16 12x19 22-17 13x22 26x3---A 2-6 3-7 6-9 7-10 9-13 10-14 20-24 14-18 24-28 18-15 19-24 15-18 13-17 18-23 17-22 23-27 White Wins, a piece up.

A---Originally left here as a White win. It's pretty straightforward, but we show one way it might happen.


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