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Labor Day 2021


It's Labor Day weekend at the time of publication of this column, and on Monday, we recognize and celebrate the contribution of workers in all walks of life. The drawing above shows just a few of the many ways in which people contribute. There are lots more, and we've always said that we think all honest work is praiseworthy and honorable.

After some really tough times, we're happy to note that America is getting back to work, and in fact the demand for workers is high. So let's give Labor Day an extra measure of emphasis this year and enjoy the day as never before.

We usually turn to Tommie Wiswell for a problem on holidays such as this, but instead today we've got one that Tommie selected for inclusion in one of his books. It's by William Link, who composed this problem while still playing as a youth in New York City a nearly 80 years ago. Mr. Wiswell viewed him as an up and coming champion, but we've not heard or read much about him. Perhaps something derailed his checker career? We don't know, but we do know that the following position, which Mr. Link called Out on a Limb is an interesting one. Mr. Wiswell calls it "simple, pleasing, and instructive."


White to Play and Win

You should be able to solve it, but if you can't, you won't be out on a limb, as clicking on Read More will show you the solution.null


12-8 32-27 8-3 27-23 3-7 10-14 11-15 23-19 7-10 White Wins.

Mr. Wiswell notes, "Poor Black is caught short without a 'waiting move.'"

The man on 14 has nowhere to go, and after 10-17 Black can't make the return 19-10 jump later because he must make a move right now! On 24-28 White just jumps 15-24 instead, and of course 19-16 doesn't help matters either. As Mr. Wiswell further stated, "A very pretty win."

We hope you enjoyed this problem and will enjoy Labor Day even more!


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