Here are offerings on games in general, ranging from rules variants to comparative studies to scoresheets. (Calculators and conversion utilities have been discontinued due to lack of use and decreased relevance.)


A package of printable and customizable scoresheets for checkers, chess, Go, and Skat, can be found here.

Interactive Fiction

GGZC, the "poor man's" interactive fiction player, a minimalist set of scripts and interpreters for Linux users.


The Two Cultures A somewhat dated (and a bit naive) essay about deterministic and non-deterministic board games, and the difficulties in adapting from one to the other.

Board Games Compared A comparative look at Go, Checkers, Chess, and Chinese Chess (Xiang Qi).

Rules Variants

Avalon Hill Dispatcher Some alternative rules for this classic game of railroading.


The German card game Skat is an ongoing interest. You can find out about the Honolulu Skat Club "Die Lusche" here.