Skat Club "Die Lusche" in Honolulu, Hawai`i has one member (myself), no regular venue, and holds no meetings at the present time.

I'm sure, just on the basis of probability, there must be other Skat players on the island of O`ahu besides myself, but I've never heard of any, much less met one.

If you have an interest in playing Skat and you're on O`ahu, whether permanently or temporarily, please consider getting in touch at We can likely dig up a deck of cards somewhere, but please note that I don't and won't play for money, not even small table stakes.

Du sprichst Deutsch? Ich verstehe ein wenig.

Im Moment spiele ich manchmal auf, wo ich heiße "konanekane".

Work in progress: I'm doing an informal evaluation of a number of Skat playing programs, and hope to complete it Real Soon Now. I'm posting "work in progress" here; keep in mind that results are preliminary and the presentation is very basic.