New Year's Edition 2015


The New Year will soon be welcomed in, with great parties and joyous celebration--- and, we must admit, an occasional overindulgence. So our New Year's problem is usually an easier one, to take into account the possibility that some readers may have ... a headache.[1]

Without further ado, then, here's the setting.

Black to Play and Win


Here we go again: Black is a man up, why isn't it an obvious win? But a closer look shows that White has two kings and the Black men on 10, 14, and even 16 look vulnerable. How will Black win it?

Can you solve it, or does it just give you a headache? Try it out and then click on Read More for instant relief.20050904-symbol.gif

[1] If you are of age and choose to enjoy adult beverages, please don't drive. We urge our readers to stay safe and not endanger themselves or others.


14-18 9-6 10-15 6-10 16-20! 10x19 18-23! 19x26 30x23.

Black wins on the move, e.g. 8-3 23-19 3-7 19-15 7-3 15-11 and it's over.

There are variations to this solution, of course, but we chose the one in which White seeks his only chance--- evening the count by capturing a Black piece--- only to find that Black had a trick up his sleeve.

The Checker Maven wishes a Happy New Year to one and all!


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