May Speedster


Although it doesn't come until later in the month, May is the time of year for the famed Indianapolis 500 car race, surely one of the best-known automotive sports events anywhere.

Our checker speed problems do garner a little less media attention than the Indy 500, but we think in their own way they're just as interesting, and don't require travel and tickets to experience in person. This month, our problem is relatively easy and we're only giving you ten seconds to solve it. Click on the link below when you're ready. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!

May Speed Problem (easy, 10 seconds)

When you've raced to a solution, click on Read More to check your answer.20050904-symbol.gif


White to Play and Win


31-26---A 32x30 17-21 30-26 21x23 29-25 23-18 White Wins.

A---Did you reflexively play 17-21? It only draws after 32x23 21x30 23-18 30-26 etc. Drawn.

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