Thanksgiving 2011

We've come again to the Thanksgiving season, that great American holiday which we enjoy so much. It's a great time for family, food, and celebration; a time to reflect on the many good things that we enjoy each and every year.

At Thanksgiving we like to feature a problem from a leading American problemist. This year, we turn to Ben Boland, whose work is often featured in our columns. Today's study isn't easy (most of Mr. Boland's problems definitely present a challenge) but solving it, or making a good effort, will earn you the traditional coffee and pie that will round out your day in an excellent fashion.

Here's the problem:


White to Play and Draw


When the problem was originally published, we were told "you will be well repaid for your efforts should you solve it--- without looking at the solution." We too admonish you: "Don't peek!" It's a fine problem and well worth your time.

When you've given this a good effort--- and not before!--- click on Read More to see the solution.


13-9, 25-30, 9-6---A, 30-26, 6-2, 26-23, 2-7, 23-16, 14-10, 5-9, 10-6, 9-14, 6-1, 14-18, 1-6, 18-23, 6-10, 23-27, 10-14---B, 27-32, 14-18, 32-27, 18-14, 27-23, 14-10---C, 23-19, 10-6, 19-15, 6-9---D, 15-18, 9-6, 18-14, 6-1, 14-18, 1-6, 18-23, 6-10. Drawn---E.

A---14-10, 5-14, 10-7, 30-26, 7-3, 26-31, 3-8, 31-27, 8-15, 27-24, 20-16, 14-18. Black Wins.

B.---7-3, 16-19, 3-8, 11-15, 8-11,12-16, 11-18,19-23. Black Wins.

C---14-9, 16-19, 7-16, 19-15. Black Wins.

D---6-2 also draws.

E---Black can make no progress despite his extra man due to his unfortunate formation on 11, 12 and 16.

And now, it's time for that Thanksgiving coffee and pie.

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