The 'Masked Man' Returns for March

We're pleased to present our Masked Man problem for March. The challenge is twofold; solve the problem, and identify the composer, who is pictured in the photograph above.

Here's the problem:


Black to Play and Win
We won't keep you waiting this time, so click on Read More to check your answers... but please do try the problem first, as it's a nice one.

Did you identify Frank R. Wendemuth, Illinois champion of 1915, and a skilled problemist?

How about the problem itself? Here's how it goes:

6-9 19-16 9-18 17-14 18-22* 14-18 22-25* 18-15 25-29 16-12 29-25 12-8 7-11* 15-19 25-21 8-3 5-9 3-7 11-15 19-10 9-14 10-17 21-14 Black Wins.

Plenty of "star" moves here, and even though the very first move is reasonably obvious, demonstrating the win is a bit of work. This is a problem worthy of study.

Do you like the "Masked Man" features? We have two or three of them left to publish; let us know what you think.

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