Birthday Special


This past week your editor celebrated his 75th birthday. It was a milestone event but also a reminder that The Checker Maven, like anything in this world, can't go on forever.

But for now, onward we go, and today we have a problem sent to us a while back by Bill Salot. We chose it for today because it was first published in Elam's Checker Board in March 1949, the month and year of your editor's birth. It most appropriately appeared in the Poetry of Checkers column. Mr. Salot noted that it stumped Matt Long, but Ben Boland solved it quickly and later called it Bill's Bridge. The composer, of course, was Young Bill Salot.

White to Play and Win


Join the celebrations and solve this intriguing problem. The solution can of course be seen by clicking on Read More.20050904-symbol.gif


*16 11, 7-16, *14 17, 13-22, *15 11 and now

6-8 3-12-19-26-17 WW with the move


16-14 1-10-17-26-19 WW with the move.

Thank you, Young Bill, for sharing this one with all of us.

Young Bill Salot

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