Sorry About That


"Sorry about that" is a phrase that is often said when one isn't all that sorry about--- whatever "that" is. In the photo above, you would think whoever rammed the boat through the wall will be pretty darn sorry when they get the bill for repairs, if they aren't truly sorry already.

"Sorry about that" is sometimes said in our game of checkers, when a player wins a game that the opponent was hoping to win or at least draw themselves. Here's an example.

White to Play and Win


Black is hoping for a outside chance at a draw given the bridge position. As White, can you spoil it? The problem is very much on the easier side and probably qualifies as a "speed problem" but it still takes a bit of vision. Try it out. Don't just say "sorry about that." In any event, clicking on Read More will reveal the snappy solution.20050904-symbol.gif


12-8 3x19 10-6 1x10 7x16 White Wins.

"Sorry about that, but I just couldn't pass up the win," said Gosh Josh Gordon to Lloyd Gordon. The position came from an actual game between our two regular contributors, who hail from Toronto, Ontario.

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