Warm Up


It's the beginning of May, and in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather should be warming up, likely something very welcome to those of you in colder climes.

Along those lines, today we have a speed problem that is itself in the nature of a "warm up" of the mental type. It's quite easy, and may be something of a good starter to get your brain into checker mode at the start of an evening's play or study.


An experienced player will solve it in a couple of seconds; novices may have to think a bit, but in any case, it's good fun.

White to Play and Win


Were you able to get it? We thought so, but still, warm up your mouse by clicking on Read More to check your play.20050904-symbol.gif


18-14 9x18 24-19 15x24 22x8 13x22 28x19 White Wins.

Our thanks to regular contributors Lloyd and Josh Gordon for sending this one to us. Enjoy spring, everyone!


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