Easy Peasy


We were surprised to learn that the expression "easy peasy" is relatively modern, having first made its appearance around 1976, apparently as part of an advertisement for dishwashing liquid that went "easy peasy, lemon squeezy." The expression has since come to mean, of course, something simple or easy.

Today's problem falls in that category. The Checker Maven tries to present a range of problems, from beginner through grandmaster level, and we know that an easy one is often a quick and welcome diversion.

So, here's today's "easy peasy" position.

White to Play and Win


You won't have much trouble with this one, and the solution is rather nice, although there are a couple of ways to go wrong. When you're ready, an easy peasy click on Read More will reveal everything.20050904-symbol.gif


11-7---A 2x11 27-23 18x27 32x7 White Wins.

A---A hasty 11-8 only draws, and 27-23 is a lengthly loss, for instance 10-7 19-23 7-3 31-27 3-7 23-26 7-10 27-23 22-17 23-19 17-14 26-30 25-22 30-25 22-17 25-22 17-13 19-16 10-7 22-18 14-9 18-14 9-5 16-12 Black Wins.

Easy peasy, or lemon squeezy? In either case we hope you enjoyed today's problem.

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