A Bit of a Break


Sometimes, it all gets to be a little too much, and we need a break. We're not sure what the poor fellow in the picture above is working on; could he perhaps be doing a manual transcription of the 10-piece endgame database?

Today we have a speed problem, provided by regular contributors Lloyd and Josh Gordon, that will give you a break in checker terms: it's definitely on the easy side. While some may disagree, we believe that easy problems have a clear purpose: to improve both sight-solving skills and speed of analysis.

Black to Play and Win


See how quickly you can solve this one, and then break over to Read More to verify your solution.null


12-16 19x12 21-25 30x21 23-27 32x23 26x1 Black Wins.

The order of the initial pitches may vary but the result is the same.

We hope you enjoyed this "break" --- we won't give you one every week!


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