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* Agenda using qemu under Linux
I personally found it easier to run Agenda in Linux using qemu. I tried dosemu but had nothing but trouble getting dosemu to run. Switched to qemu, created a dos container in which I installed DR DOS. Agenda installed easily and so far I have had no problems running it. Would like to know how stable the files will be in this environment.


August 29, 2006 8:38 pm

* Agenda on Apple Mac
Anyone else doing this? Agenda on Mac. Using "DosBox??".
August 26, 2006 10:44 am

* Wiki Upgrade
We have updated our Wiki software. Please bear with any interim glitches!
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August 24, 2006 10:20 am

* Agenda on dosemu
I managed to resolve the problem. It turned out Agenda have glitches running on FreeDOS??. With MS-DOS, everything's okay.
August 11, 2006 4:51 am

* Hello.
As far as I understand, some of the people are using Agenda under dosemu. I see a strange behaviour with dosemu 1.2.2 -- agenda reports "Internal error" on Quit and while trying to print anything (in the latter case it even crashes). Anybody seen such a behaviour?
I use it with dosemu every day with no problems of any kind. You might wish to email me at and we can discuss dosemu settings. ---Webmaster.
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August 6, 2006 9:57 am chipschapwiki

* Progress on Agenda Redux
Here is news from Sonjaya; we apologize for taking so long to post it. ---Webmaster
We finished up our Iteration 4. The main focus of that one was getting in the text matching engine. The write up can be found here: sites)
Our focus is still on getting the core functionality in place. The last remaining item is the condition engine and date parsing. I hope to have those addressed in the next two iterations.
Once we get there, we come to an interesting cross-road because at that point we need to really start asking: What is Agenda in 2006? As we discussed when the project started there are many products out there that do some of what Agenda did (no single one quite covers it though). However, there are shared calendars available as well as "planner" type of applications. Do we try to do replacement technology or leverage what is there in innovative ways?
I pose similar questions on the wrap-up post and am very interested in hearing from you and the Agenda community on the subject.
June 20, 2006 1:25 pm

* Supermacros Once Again Available For Download
Alex Todd's "Supermacros" package allows for quick adds of persons, companies, and projects, and also provides the unique "Point and View" facility. This package had disappeared from the net and we couldn't find our original, but we've now reconstructed the archive and you can download it here:
Instructions are in the "" file.
June 18, 2006 11:51 am chipschapwiki

* Iteration 3 and 4, Agenda Redux
The latest from Sonjaya Tandon:
Things are moving along nicely. We were able to get in the support for the different category types this release. We designed it so that down the road create an api such that people can "plugin" new category types -- this is a very important feature for updating Agenda to the web world.
Unfortunately, we are still having some issues at AgendaRedux????.com -- but as soon as those are resolved I will let you know and you can check our progress there.
You can read about the iteration wrap-up here: sites)
And the kick-off for iteration 4 here: sites)
June 4, 2006 7:21 pm

* Update on Agenda Redux from Sonjaya Tandon
"We are making slow steady progress. I have four others on the project now. It will likely be a five person team for the first two releases. Release 1 is targeted for the end of summer -- the goal is to get the replacement functionality in point in an alpha state -- useful for feedback, but not necessarily day-to-day use. sites) "
May 18, 2006 2:07 am

* What a Surprise
What a surprise. I needed to work on a project and nothing would be able to do it except my old agenda on win98. I now use win2k and can't get it to run. I see people are running it on XP! How do you get it to run in w2k without crashing out on trying to install?
_Definitely try the "preinstalled" version on the main site, sites)
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May 9, 2006 12:23 pm

* Changing Agenda Screen Size in Win XP
Submitted by a reader:
I was looking for a method to set Agenda screen size > 25 lines in XP Pro. Didn't find precise instructions in the forum but managed to make this work based on assorted advice.
Create a batch file called "ss.bat" that contains the following:
mode con: lines=50
Launch the batch file from Agenda
/ul ss.bat
or use the macro
{Set Screen Size} /ulss.bat{ENTER}
May 5, 2006 10:11 pm

* Printing to USB Port (answer)
This can be done by sharing your printer and then entering from the command line net use lpt1 \\computername\printername
Works just fine!
Excellent! Many thanks! ---Webmaster
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January 10, 2006 12:36 pm

* Printing to USB Port (question)
Any answer to how to get Lotus Agenda to recognize a USB printer port? I've been using this program for years for my law practice (trial notes), but now find it incapatible with the USB printer ports on my laptop. Any suggestions?
Webmaster's reply: From everything I've seen this simply won't work due to the way Agenda under Windows XP routes printing. The alternative, which works quite well but is more cumbersome, is to select the 'print to a file with printer codes' option from the print/final screen. The resulting output file will print very nicely (drag and drop to the printer) but requires an extra step. If you don't print constantly this works well enough.
Webmaster's update: Right-minded Linux users who run Agenda under DOS emulation (DOSEMU) have no printing problems and can print to anything that Linux can handle, which is just about everything.
Webmaster's additional update: See "answer" posting above. It can be done!
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April 28, 2006 7:41 am

* New Agenda FAQ
Another great contribution from Tony Kan: an updated and modernized version of the Agenda FAQ. Tony has put it into Agenda database format for easy reference. Get it here:
April 17, 2006 10:03 am

* Beyond 2.0 is Here!
Thanks to Tony Kan, the classic add-on, Beyond 2.0 is here in a fine "pre-installed" version:
There is no documentation, so experiment. See the README file for installation instructions.
September 22, 2005 4:11 pm
I have locally stored copies of these now, on my server here (President's Planner) (President's Planner manual) (Partner's Planner) (Partner's Planner manual)
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September 22, 2005 6:58 am

* Download President's Planner sites)
* "download a bundled, pre-installed version of President's Planner with Lotus Agenda."
* PP & PA documentation
Broken: and
August 5, 2005 2:03 am

* Deleted broken link to
Is there still a place to download President's Planner?
May 17, 2005 5:37 pm

* Partner's Planner
Looking for partner's planner, try here:
I'm looking for txt2stf. Anyone knows where to get it?
Editor's note: actually I don't have Partner's Planner on my site, just a link to the old download location, which appears to have gone away. I have PP somewhere scattered among ten computers and thousands of floppies and CDs??; if I ever find it, I'll put it on the page above for direct download. The other one is easy; txt2stf is in the main Agenda distribution.
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April 19, 2005 12:48 pm

* Getting Partner's Planner
How can I get Partner's Planner?
I have searched the whole internet; how can I get Partner's Planner?
March 20, 2005 2:48 pm

* Patterns in Context
I also think Agenda had the best ability to look for patterns in text content. Wish it was still more alive than it is, but I am glad to see people keeping it going here.
I still use Agenda at work to manage my calendar and workload. I have yet to find anything that does the job better. --Ed.
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March 9, 2005 6:27 am chipschapwiki

* Win XP
I've heard various things about problems with Agenda and Win XP. If you have these, you might wish to describe them here for the benefit of others - and solutions and workarounds would really help out.
February 22, 2005 6:56 pm

* Do You Use Agenda?
Tell us about how you use this time-honored software in a day of graphical interfaces and pointing devices.
Here are the postings from the old old Agenda forum from the old chungkuo website:
Hi again, does anyone have any idea hoe to get Agenda 2 to print on an Epson EPL-5700L laser printer?Thanks! Dilip Kumar 29/10/2004
What fun - people actually using good ol' DOSware??!! I've kept my Agenda 2 going all these years - I've built up a catalogue of tapes & CDs?? (Hindustani Classical) and love Agenda's ability to show different Views, e.g. classified by Artist, or by Instrument, or Raga (Scale), or combinations. Also it's so amazing to see it assign new items by automatic text matching and update the View. I've also used it to keep catalogue of books, reprints etc. - even transferred Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) codes; the provision of alias names (long & short names) is handy to show only number codes in a narrow column, or actual subject names in a broad column. What a grat program! I tried emulating in Access -found it beyond my capacity - seems to require too much manual assignment. With text search and key-word classification so well developed, why can't they give a category-assignment capability to DB programs?! Dilip Kumar (28/10/2004)
"Preinstalled" full version of Lotus Metro, without missing files: sites)
Be certain to preserve directory structure when unzipping; this means using the "-d" option of pkzip.
I have to say that Lotus Agenda running on Win 2k SP4?? is very stable and working fine. It benefits from modern hardware (1GHz+ CPU and 256Mb RAM) and president's planner sings.
But unfortunately having to colloborate with others using Outlook makes LA inconvenient now as a planner application but still useful as a research and writing tool.
Clipping material in using the windows clipboard is a snap and highlighting material for copying and pasting into MS Office applications is the easiest way to get stuff in and out. Exporting and importing via .stf files is too hard and inconvenient.
Tony Kan (13/7/2004)
Hello, anyone has this working on a zaurus c860 or the 700's? Would love to know how you did it and what rom you used and dos Emulator. thanks alot!
Hi, a follow up to my last posting. I just installed President's Planner 1.0 in Agenda. In eCS demo version (OS/2 4.5) on a PIII 700 mhz, it took 40 seconds to install. The memory usage page in Agenda is the same as mine except for the maximum memory for printing, which for me was 1024k. I'll test that later.
Anyway, thanks for a great website.
Richard Rollo
To Kevin trying to use Agenda in Win2k I would say, to paraphrase the current Dell commercials, Don't go there. Redmond made it clear a long time ago that they wanted us to quit using these old DOS programs. The best operating system for running old DOS programs is OS/2 Warp 3 or better (including the eCommerce Station versions.) OS/2 has a Virtual Dos Machine that includes installation parameters for Agenda in its install program. You don't need to worry about EMS and you will be up and running in less than 5 minutes, or as fast as you can insert the disks into the machine.
But, everything has a price and the price of OS/2 would be to get involved in installation headaches, partitioning headaches. I have a permanent version of Agenda installed on a very old IBM Thinkpad 345c (a 486 based machine) using Warp 4 on a 500 meg drive. I just tried installing it in the OS/2 partition of my internet machine (this one) a P III 700 and it installed and was up and running in 2 minutes.
Anyway, earlier today, I downloaded the President's Planner and I am looking forward to trying it out.
Richard Rollo
Update -- Apparently the fileset found in is insufficient to let Agenda run properly on Win2K??. Here's how I reached that conclusion
1 I downloaded sites) and used that fileset to run the President's Planner install. The corruption described below did not occur. 1 I then tried using the binaries from, but used (in fact all files in ==apps== directory) from (since these appear to be virgin copies) rather than the from (which appears not to be virgin). This experiment was also successful. 1 I thought "well maybe this has to do with EMS emulation in Win2K??", since in the two above experiments EMS was not enabled per the PP manual (i.e. my : F10|Utility|Customize|Memory Usage(SPACE) showed ==Expanded memory used for data is 0K== and ==Expanded memory used for program is 0K==). This is because I've had a lot of difficulty getting EMS to appear reliably for DOS apps in Win2K?? (or Win NT for that matter). So for a sanity check I tried reinstalling PP with all base Agenda files from, without EMS present. The corruption was again seen.

* I have re-downloaded and compared my old copy against the new download and they are the same. I am using the same in both cases (and re-downloaded and compared it too). So those factors are removed.
So I will proceed with using AG2?? + PP under Win2K?? without EMS. The manual (pg. E-2) says "Agenda uses virtual on-HDD? memory when printing and when the file requires more than the available conventional or expanded memory." Since my desktop PC is at least an order of magnitude faster than the systems which Agenda was designed to run on, and HDD's are at least 8x faster, I'll take my chances with using a "slow" HDD for extra memory rather than tread into EMS configurations under Win2K??, which have been a real trouble spot for me.
Other ideas or suggestions welcomed!
Kevin 11/20/2003

Hi -- I'm trying to re-engage with Agenda and start using President's Planner for the first time after a long hiatus. I've D/L'd, and used it to install PP. After the install process finished, and before I did anything, I notice that a view named "yasks+" follows "Projects", and in it is an item containing "esident's Planner". Also, in the Category Manager, I see, following "Ideas", the categories named "n", "l", "b", and "lan", then "Prospecting", etc. To me, this sure looks like corrupted data from a bad installation.
Today's install system is Win2K?? Pro SP3??, 2.4 GHz?? P4, 1GB DRAM. I have obtained the same results twice today, and I recall that I got the same corruption after running thru the same process a few months ago on another Win2K?? Pro system.
Anyone experiences similar data corruption "right off the bat"?
Kevin 11/19/2003

I found the version 2 disks when clearing out my home office then found this site Agenda was/is an amazing tool Anyone know how I get it to talk to a hp laserjet printer on a usb cable? Mick Mannion
Hi -- I was really glad to find the pre-installed version of agenda. I had lost it in the course of several upgrades, and I had no clue as to how to create 720K formatted disks. I also installed President's Planner off of this page (very nice!).
However, I have a problem with the pre-installed version. Any time that I try to print, agenda bails out. I don't know what the problem is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Could be a lot of things. Why don't you post or e-mail me some more info, such as what kind of printer you're using and especially how you're running Agenda - i.e. in a box under XP, etc.>

Beyond 2.0 was also a good add-on for Lotus Agenda. It was compatible with President's planner too. Tony Kan.
So I have heard. I have been trying to get a copy with no luck. I've e-mailed and asked the original author if he would release the program, but got no response -- the e-mail didn't bounce but who knows if it's still active. -- chipschapwiki 19 Oct 2003

Bob, it seems the old Agenda links site changed to sites). same info as before con be found there. Mario B.
I found this site in a google search, and I'm happy to see that there are still other Agenda users out there! I've used the product since I saw Lotus' dog-and-pony show for the product release. Bells went off in my head as I realized how incredibly flexible and intellignet this program was. And it has not let me down since (although Lotus sure has!)
I have Agenda on my Windows XP latptop (I have copied the program from computer to computer since the 80's!) But, I also have it running on my iPAQ handheld, and I though folks might want to know that it is possible to do that using a program called PocketDOS?? ( Agenda runs great there, and with my iPAQ and little portable keyboard and can take notes and look up info anywhere.
Thanks, all!
// Richard Brennan 7/9/2003
Considering the Agenda program has been released as freeware, is it possible to get the manuals copied as pdfs and posted somewhere?


We'd need permission from Lotus (IBM). This has come up before, but I'm not sure if anyone has tried to get permission. I might pursue this myself though. chipschapwiki 13 Jun 2003_

Before I run your pre-installed version, does anyone know whether the OS should be running in FAT format rather than NTFS.
Ian Parker

I'm running Agenda on both. 04 May 2003 chipschapwiki

An easy way to get your hands on a 720k diskette is to take a regular 1.44 Mb diskette and tape over both sides of the second hole (the one that is not the write-lock hole). You will then have a disk that can be formatted to 720 Kb.
I hope this solves the problem for some.
Although I think the 'pre-installed version' is the way to go.
* Edwin King

The old user-run Agenda web site is dead, and with it went the instructions for downloading and installing Agenda. Agenda can be found here: sites)
You have to download four 720k disk images (in a single zip file) and write them to formatted 720k diskettes! Don't forget the 2.0b update, too, in the same directory. You also need this one: sites)
This is really a problem (the 720k diskette bit) and impossible for some. If you wish, you can try my pre-installed version: sites)
You must unzip this with full pathnames at the top level, i.e.
pkunzip -d
to create the c:\agenda directory. Nothing else will work! This pre-installed version is set up with a few representative printers and screen displays. Perhaps it will work for you; please let me know.
chipschapwiki 11 April 2003

I am running president planner's on my hp200lx dble speed, 32 meg upgrade. I am using the tremm utility that allows me to use ems memory. 64k data 368k program usage. I will hopefully be able to give a positive report after I use/learn the program.
Marta, I surely hope you will tell us of your results!
Thanks for the reply regarding pres planner on hp200lx. So then the next question is how do I use the desktop machine (w/ President planner)on it and transfer data to my hp200lx probably back and forth. I would like both machines to be able to synch each other. updates from the hp from the days events, and then in the am, to have all the files updated from the desktop. that type of cycle. Clues?
Thanks a lot!

_Well, again, I don't have an hp200lx, so I can't answer directly. But, I do something like you are talking about, as I run Agenda on five different machines in different places, and there is always the problem of keeping several different databases in sync.
To do this I never have more than one of the machines be the "master." The "master" machine is defined as the one that has the "official" copy of all of the databases. When I go to another machine, that machine pulls a copy of all of the databases from the "master" machine. This is done in several ways. In a number of cases the "master" machine might be running an FTP server, or it might be networked, allowing the database files to be easily moved. In a number of cases, though, I just have a script or batch file that makes a "zip" out of all the databases and writes them to a floppy, which will in turn be read and unzipped by the next machine. (One of my machines is located in Honolulu, and when I go there the easiest thing is just to put a floppy in my suitcase.)
The key to the whole operation is that only one machine is considered "official" or the "master" at any one time. Working on other machines requires a data transfer and a redesignation of "master" status.
Now, you are talking about two machines so this is really pretty easy. You upload from your HP in the evening and download from your desktop in the morning (or vice-versa). You always download a full copy of all the databases._
Does anyone know how to transfer files from the hp200lx to agenda? I guess you use the stff file set, but I am clueless how to begin. I would like to macro it, so that I can use my memo to be able to be used by agenda.

_ I think people on the mailing list can tell you about this._
Also, I would like to set up President's planner on my double speed hp200lx. Has anyone tried that? I know that a lot of folk say it will be too slow, but I want to know if someone actually tried it.
But in any case, yes, people on the mailing list have tried this, and President's Planner runs far too slow to be of any use on this machine.
Thinks again,

Presiden't Planner looks like what I've been trying to find. As a software developer, I've never been organized to the extent I would like to be ("His insight and problem solving ability are astounding; but he rarely responds to my emails." - showed up in an eveluation once ;) .
I read your "PIM's Compared" with great interest. I've used Emacs for years with development and general text usage, but I've only looked at the calendering/diary stuff (I am not Emacs religious...but I know just enough to be safe when judgment day comes and they ask what "Ctrl-x r k" does).
From the looks of it, Agenda is either way ahead of it's time or we've been regressing since it was released.
I wonder how the "Chandler" project will turn out?
* Edwin King

_President's Planner sure was a form of salvation for me. I was relying on staff to keep me from dropping things, but if something came up and I forgot to tell them --- sort of a second level forgetfulness -- things would drop anyway. Now I take ten seconds to make an entry via the President's Planner scratch pad, and I am saved from myself one more time. I now use President's Planner constantly in my everyday work and wouldn't think of using anything else.
PP may not solve your e-mail problem exactly, unless you make an entry saying you've got to answer that e-mail. I often do just such a thing, and cut and paste the originator's e-mail text into a note attached to the reminder item. It takes all of thirty seconds, or less, but you actually have to do it; you can't just go on to the next e-mail and pretend you'll remember to come back.

Have we regressed, or is Agenda ahead of its time? I think its more like Agenda has timeless qualitites. Chandler indeed has promise whenever it sees the light of day. There are Zoot fans who say that is the "new" Agenda, but I don't know that I'm convinced.

Finally, I indeed have spent so much time with EMACS and writing ELISP that it's practically absurd. There's tremendous power there, but it's sort of like walking into a forest and saying you're going to build a house. There's plenty of wood available but it's a real do-it-yourself project.
Bob Newell_

Many people say that Zoot and Agenda have lots of fundamental similarities and this is surely true in my experience. You can check the respective mailing lists for lots of details, but a couple of very brief things
* Zoot uses a GUI and many people prefer that. (I don't care either way; Agenda runs fine with the Linux DOS emulator and that makes the difference for me.)
* Agenda has a powerful macro language, Zoot does not, but on the other hand...
* Zoot is actively developed and seems to have lots of functionality.

If you want to know what to do with Agenda, try President's Planner or one of the other sample apps I have here on my web site.
chipschapwiki 21 Jan 2003

I've seen comments that Zoot is the same as Agenda...updated for Windoze. Is this an accurate statement. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with Agenda now that I've got it installed and working...
* Edwin King
I was able to obtain Metro separately on the Lotus ftp site.
In the FAQ 2 page, below, the following appears:

Q I want the full installation. Is my installation complete?

A It is likely that you may have overlooked installing the Lotus Metro accessories. Check whether there is the separate Metro subdirectory called \METRO by default. t should contain the Metro files including METRO.EXE. To install Lotus Metro you need to insert the Accessories diskette in your floppy drive and start the install by typing "MINSTALL".

What/where is the Accessories diskette? It is not one of the 4+1 unzipped for Agenda A and Agenda B update, it seems. And searching Agenda's help menu only references Metro as an example of a TSR not to run with Agenda? I'm asking because I know Metro well, and like it, and would love it if Agenda had a version of Metro integrated into it.

Great listing of Agenda items. I got it going last night after finding four disks that I could format to 720K. I have it on an old 1992 laptop which ran Win 31. The tutorial below is what I have been looking for to get started.

I would like to have seen a Windows version but Lotus like much of their stuff they let go.
Thanks again for you work.

Thanks Marta for that tip about pre-installed Agenda. Here's the URL reference: sites)

If you go to the site ( sites) ) and do a search on 'Agenda' you'll find a couple of other goodies as well.
07 Dec 2002 .BobNewell????

There is a zip file already put together on the site for the hp200lx palmtop. I used it to put on my desktop machine at home. Then I just went into the options and changed it to color (instead of mono) and just configured it for my machine. You are right about having to put a manually install printer definitions. I haven't done that yet. I really am just starting out with agenda, but want to have it on both my desktop, and hp200lx palmtop.

It is sort of a fussy thing. You have to write 720k floppies, not 1440k floppies. To do this you have to format them as such (low density) and then use dskimg.exe to write to these low density-formatted floppies. The installation program absolutely depends on this. There is more info here: sites)

This is a super pain. I am thinking about making a zip file of the pre-installed system and making that available here (it would be unauthorized and perhaps IBM/Lotus might not approve, but they might not care either). However then you would have to go back and manually install printer definitions. Note: I've done this, see the section below. It does include common printers.
Let me know if you still cannot get it to work and I'll try to help.
04 Dec 2002 .BobNewell????

We can't seem to install Agenda from the hard drive. It keeps asking for a disk in drive A or B. I first unzipped the stuff and then ran the dskimg.exe as directed. Then copied the files to the hard drive (via our network). No go. Also tried copying the files from the hard drive to 1.14 disk (the only drive on this computer) Can you help us? Carol Shaw, Audubon Naturalist Society, Chevy Chase, MD
I am quite a fan of Lotus Agenda. Despite it being an 'old' DOS application, it remains one of the best PIMs?? ever made, perhaps even "the" best for some applications.

What do you think? Old and broken down or still fresh and useful?
-- chipschapwiki - 29 Nov 2002