Unofficial World Championship Checker Problem Composing Contest 60


January 15, 2022---February 28, 2022

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The late Roy Little soundly defeated all challengers again. His Thumper drew 7 votes, which was more than all his challengers combined. It combined a unique Zugzwang with a flashy, deferred quadruple into a 2x2 finish. Slava Gorin (Russia), Don Myles, Kathy Wirthwein, and Wilma Wolverton voted for it.

Tied for 2nd, with 3 votes each, were Subtle Pursuit, which hid a counterintuitive a retreating Zugzwang, by Ed Atkinson, and Sir Prize, a kingless, deferred, 5-way Zugzwang, by Jim Loy.

Ugly Duckling, by Bill Salot, trailed and lived up to its name, becoming the 1st contest problem in 14 months to get 0 votes.

Contest 60 had 157 visitors, an increase, and 13 of them voted.

The current International Voters’ Ladder standings follow below. A new name has moved into 2nd place.

1 – Mark Sokolovsky, has picked 7 winners in 8 tries (88%)

2 – Don Myles, 4 wins in 5 tries (80%)

3 – Liam Stephens (Ireland), 16 wins in 28 tries (57%)

4 – Kathy Wirthwein, 14 wins in 25 tries (56%)

5/6 tie – George Hay, 14 wins in 28 tries (50%)

5/6 tie– Wilma Wolverton, picked 5 wins in 10 tries (50%)

7 – Gene Ellison, 10 wins in 21 tries (48%)

8 – Richard Marlowe, 2 wins in 5 tries (40%)

9/10 tie – Lloyd Gordon (Canada), 8 wins in 22 tries (36%)

9/10 tie – Slava Gorin (Russia), 8 wins in 22 tries (36%)

11 – Gary Ellison, 4 wins in 13 tries (31%)

15 others have either picked fewer than 31% winners or voted in fewer than 5 contests.

Contest 60 was originally introduced as follows.

When you have a choice of moves, and they all lose quickly, you are in Zugzwang. These four, original, unpublished, contest problems are well calculated to put the defender in that unfortunate situation. Which one impresses you most? Express your opinion by depressing the voting button linked to your choice. To help you decide, see the problems animated. After you vote, monitor the voting by periodically returning to the contest site.

After you've reviewed the problems, cast your ballot in the box below.

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Which problem should win the championship?
Thumper 7
Subtle Pursuit 3
Sir Prize 3
Ugly Duckling 0

Total votes: 13


Subtle Pursuit 4x4

White to Play and Win

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Sir Prize 4x5

White to Play and Win

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Ugly Duckling 5x5

White to Play and Win

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Thumper 6x6

White to Play and Win

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