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Your editor, many years ago, went hiking and climbing in southern Mindanao in the Philippines. Locals referred to the area where we went as "delicado" --- delicate --- due to the sometime presence of rebel militia. Being young and foolish, we were not deterred from what turned out to be a dangerous undertaking. Fortunately, nothing went wrong.

Today's checker problem is "delicado" in a different way, and there's nothing foolish or dangerous about it at all. Your solution may go wrong, but if you work at it, you'll get it, and you may learn some technique in the process.

White to Play and Draw


There's no need to carry arms or keep a lookout, and checking your solution is as easy as clicking on Read More.20050904-symbol.gif


Forces are even, but White has a real lack of mobility. What to do?

13-9 10-14---A 18-15 14-18 20-16 18x25---D 16-11 12-16 11x4 Drawn.

A---8-11 9-5 12-8 5-1 8-12 1-5---B 12-8 5-1 8-3---C 20-16! 11x20 1-6 20-24 6x15 Drawn.

B---1-6 loses in a spectacular manner after 11-15 18x11 12-8 11x4 21-25 6x15 25x11 20-16 11x20 4-8 20-16 Black Wins.

C---Black tries something different, to no avail.

D---12-10 22-6 Drawn.

"Delicado" indeed as White walks a fine line (much like a jungle path) to stay out of trouble.

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