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August Heat


August in the Northern Hemisphere can be pretty darn hot. Sometimes extraordinary measures are required, as shown in the photo above.

Your editor is scheduled to be visiting in far off New York City on the date this column is due to be published, and August in New York is just about always hot and humid.

So we picked out a rather hot stroke problem (please, no heat stroke jokes) for this month. It looks complex but it's actually one of the easier ones, and it's filled with action.

White to Play and Win


Don't overheat your brain; you'll see the solution if you can visualize well (just keep the sweat out of your eyes). When you've solved it, click on Read More to see the solution.20050904-symbol.gif


Get ready to feel the burn!

3-7 23x16 14-9 5x14 10x26 1x10 7x14 16x7 14-17 21x14 31-27 24x31 8-3 31x22 3x26 White Wins.

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