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Based in Honolulu, Hawai`i, the BobNewell.Net website offers a variety of entertaining and educational material on a range of subjects, from checkers to tea to Talmud. Comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome; just contact the Webmaster.

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Don't miss The Checker Maven, a checker webzine which by any measure is the world's most widely read periodical checker publication.

What's New

If you have an interest in Emacs, check out my latest and ongoing series of postings under the title 35 Years of Emacs as linked in the sidebar.

My new book is out and available on CreateSpace and Amazon! Mr. Darcy Plays Draughts, and Other Stories: The Checker Fiction of Bob Newell is a collection of nine novelettes and short stories culled from the pages of The Checker Maven webzine, as well as the all-new title story and an introductory poem. The book would make a great gift for checker fans, Jane Austen buffs, and anyone with an interest in fiction with a unique and unusual theme. This is the world's first and only collection of checker fiction and is sure to please.

Courting Jane, a time-travel romance and my first novel, is now available on Amazon in both print and ebook formats. Join Jonathan Kinsey as he crosses two oceans and two centuries in the search for the love of his life, none other than Jane Austen herself.

Our scoresheet package, found here, now has Skat scoresheets in addition to the chess, checkers, and go scoresheets.

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