Emacs, Org-Mode and Google Calendar

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1. EMACS, Org-Mode and Google Calendar

Do you use Google Calendar? I do, and the only reason I do is that it allows me to have my calendar on any and all of my devices, with easy access.

But for the most part, except for my cell phone, I pretty much live in Emacs. (That’s true even on my Chromebook and my Android tablet, using Termux— see my separate, highly incomplete article on the subject.) I also make heavy use of org-mode, and I need to keep everything in sync with Google Calendar (which I’ll just call ’gcal’ from here on).

Now, there are many ways to do this. You can find various code around the internet that provides one-way or two-way sync between org-mode and gcal. None of it quite worked for me, for reasons that I’ll describe.

— to be continued —


’secret’ ical location for gcal

gcal access via gcalcli


custom elisp


linkage operations

coordination of ’extra’ material in calendar.org and on gcal


Author: Bob Newell

Email: bobnewell@bobnewell.net

Created: 2024-06-02 Sun 10:45