35 Years of EMACS

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1. Linux, EMACS, and Elitism

1.1. Yes, There’s An Issue

There’s a problem with how Linux and Emacs are viewed from the outside, and by that I mean by non-users. That view is that Linuxers and Emacsers are arrogant elitists who look down on everyone outside their tight little community.

That’s largely false, although there is a certain amount of truth in it. There are some who are like that, who think their use of Linux and Emacs makes them somehow superior and above other, “lesser” computer users. There is a strong tendency among some to especially look down on users of Windows and other Microsoft products.

The key word here is “some” and not “all” — certainly not “most” and likely not “many.” Or all that many compared to the total population of Linuxers and Emacsers.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit I have no use for Microsoft or Microsoft products. I stay as far away from that world as I can. However— I’m not telling you or anyone else to do the same. To each his own. If you like those products, if you need those products for whatever reason— and your judgment is final in those instances— go right ahead. I won’t try to convert you to the Linux world. What products you use is a decision that is yours alone, and I have no right to disparage you in any way. In fact Linuxers often forget that there are Windows users who are very sophisticated and in terms of skill leave many Linuxers in the dust. Hats off to them, and much future success.

But let’s face it, there are Linuxers who have an attitude, and that does no one any good. I’ve found this to be a little more the case among users of some of the really hard-core distributions such as Arch Linux, although that community is in general friendly and helpful. You certainly see the problem in echo chambers such as the Slashdot site.

By and large, though, an outsider would be surprised. Perhaps they hear the loud voices and don’t realize they are not the majority and don’t represent the prevailing sentiment.

1.2. The Appeal of Linux and Emacs

Linux and Emacs appeal to a certain segment, kind of the analog to people you find at Home Depot, the serious do-it-yourself crowd. (Not to say there aren’t Windows and Mac DIY people; of course there are.)

(to be continued Real Soon Now)

Author: Bob Newell

Email: bobnewell@bobnewell.net

Created: 2024-06-02 Sun 10:45