Privacy Statement

General Principles

Our site fully respects your privacy.

We make minimal use of cookies. None of these are trackers of any kind; they are only used by our content management system for session management and vote tracking on polls. There are no beacons, hidden tracking pixels, or anything else that would infringe upon your privacy. We also make minimal use of Javascript. Much of our site is accessible with cookies rejected and Javascript turned off in your browser.

While we make limited use of IP addresses for security purposes and visitor counting, we do not ourselves collect any additional information other than that which you may voluntarily disclose.

Information Collected by Others

But please distinguish between what we do and what your internet service provider, and our web hosting provider, may do. These latter two entities almost certainly collect IP addresses and record web sites and pages accessed. We have no control over this and we cannot be responsible for whatever may be lacking in their own privacy practices. This is an inherent risk that you accept when you use the internet, applying not just to our site but to every single site you may choose to visit.

Voluntary Disclosures

If you email us, tell us your name, etc., then obviously you are volunteering information, absolutely none of which is necessary to access our site. While we will make reasonable efforts to keep such information private, we can't fully guarantee this (nor can any other website). We may disclose such information in the instances of being required to do so by some legal authority, in a situation which in our sole judgment represents an emergency, or if you give us express or implied permission to do so. (For instance, if you ask us to contact someone on your behalf, we may disclose your name and email address.)

There is a simple remedy if you have concerns: just don't voluntarily disclose any of your information.

Legal Disclaimer

We do not accept legal liability of any type whatsoever, and will not be responsible for any damages of any kind whatsoever, under any legal theory whatsoever, with respect to information which you voluntarily disclose.

IP Address Collection

Also be aware that our content management system records IP addresses associated with attempted logins to our administrative pages, something that should not come up in the course of your ordinary use of our website. Our poll/voting system also records IP addresses in order to help enforce a one vote per visitor policy. We specifically reserve the right to use this information for the purpose of tracking down hacking attempts, or for other legitimate non-commercial purposes as we may find necessary or appropriate.

To the best of our knowledge there is no other recording of IP addresses by our site (but see above about third parties).


If you have questions or concerns please email