Who Was That Masked Man?

For the next little while, we'll be running a monthly "guess the author" feature problem. We'll present you with a checker problem, and a photograph; your challenge will be twofold:

1. Solve the problem (of course).
2. Identify the person in the photo (on the left), who is the problem's compositor. You can click on the photo for a full-size version.

February's entry will be what will probably turn out to be the easiest of the three, at least in terms of identifying the person in the photo; we're not so sure about the problem itself! Here it is:


Black to Play and Win
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Did you recognize famed problemist G.H. Slocum? If you didn't, don't feel bad; while many people recognize the name, very few could identify the portrait.

Perhaps you had better luck with the problem, one of those lean two-per-side types that challenge more than expected:

4-8* 27-23 11-16 29-25 16-20 25-21 20-24 23-18 24-27 18-14 27-31 21-17 31-26 17-13 26-22 Black Wins by First Position.

If you got the first move right, you probably solved it. A nice problem, logical and straightforward once you know the key move and the idea that Black needs to achieve First Position. As an interesting extended exercise, you might look into why anything but 4-8* will draw.

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