No Problem Is A Problem?


In our modern world, things that are "no problem" are perceived by some to actually be a problem. The very phrase itself, "no problem" falls into this category. We are told by some "experts" that when we say something is "no problem" that's a negative statement, because it contains the word "problem" and will cause the listener to start thinking that there actually might be, or could have been, a problem.

We think this is a bit far-fetched and another example of people deliberately looking for a "problem."

Well, modern "experts" notwithstanding, we won't hesitate to say that today's speed problem is "no problem." Of course, it's a checker problem--- what else?--- but solving it should be no problem at all.

As always we like to provide a range of material for a range of checker playing abilities, from eager novice to aspiring amateur to advanced expert and even problems at the grandmaster level. Today's problem is at the novice level, but those of you with more advanced skills might wish to see how quickly you solve it. A skilled player should solve it in a mere couple of seconds, while a novice may have to think about it a little. But it's all to the good and hopefully a bit of checker fun.

So look below and start the (imaginary) clock! (We no longer utilize the Javascript clock on our site as some readers found it stressful or worse, non-functional.)

Black to Play and Win


When you've got the solution, it will be no problem to click on Read More to double-check your answer.20050904-symbol.gif


3-7 11x2 1-5 2x9 5x30 27-24 30x23 Black Wins.

A classic in-and-out shot that arose in a game between regular contributors Lloyd and Josh Gordon of Toronto.

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