Eyes Only

We promised a "summer scorcher" of a stroke problem for August, and we think we've delivered with one that we're calling Eyes Only. When it originally appeared almost 100 years ago, the publication editor challenged readers to solve it by sight alone, without moving the pieces around on the board. The number of readers who reported success was rather small--- just one solitary correspondent claimed a victory.

White to Play and Win
Now, nearly a century later, our challenge to you is the same, but with a modern twist: solve the problem without moving the pieces around on the board --- or on the computer!

When you either have the solution, or have had enough, click on Read More to learn the winning way.


6-2 26-19 9-6 18-9 27-23 19-26 20-16 12-19 10-7 3-10 2-7 9-2 15-6 2-9 11-8 4-11 7-5 White Wins.

If you really and truly solved this "Eyes Only" summer scorcher by sight alone (or at least gave it a really good try), you owe yourself a summer refresher, perhaps something that Checker Maven hero Marvin J. Mavin himself might appreciate.

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