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How Bad Can It Get


The famous expression is "The money runs out before the month does." At times, it can get really bad. We've probably all known the feeling.

But can it get even worse? No, we're not trying to drive our Checker Maven readers into depression. There are times, though, when the only thing to do is sit back and have a good laugh.

Here's a checker position in which the idea is to make things as bad as they possibly can get. Not just a little bad, but really bad.

White to Play Worst Possible Move


Today's challenge is to pick out the worst possible move on the board. Believe it or not, there's a move here that's so bad ... well, you'll see. (Optimists take note: you can also go ahead and find the best move if you wish.)

Find the worst move and then click on Read More to find out how bad things can be. You're bound to get a laugh, and you're certain to realize that, whatever your own problems may be, they likely have a solution.20050904-symbol.gif


The position came from an actual game played on-line, and the White player really did do this:

18-15??---A 6-10 15-6---B 2-25 30-21 13-31 Black Wins.

A---14-10 6-15 18-11 19-23 26-19 16-23 would have lead to a simple draw.

B---14-7 2-25 30-21 13-31 same. Black wins.

So cheer up. You'll never do worse than this!

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