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Famous Shots IV


This month brings the fourth entry in our Famous Shots series, taken from Ben Boland's Famous Positions in the Game of Checkers. As always, the challenge is to solve the shot, and, if you wish, identify the "shot" pictured above.

Here's the run-up:

11-15 21-17 9-13 25-21 8-11 17-14---A 10x17 21x14 6-10 22-17 13x22 26x17 15-18 24-20---B 2-6 28-24 4-8---C 29-25 11-15 30-26 6-9---D

A---30-25 is better; Black now gets a small but noticeable advantage.

B---23-19 is better. Black's advantage is now significant.

C---6-9 would retain the Black advantage. The game is now about even.

D---Loses. 15-19 was correct.

White to Play and Win


Aw, shoot; we're pretty much out of "shot" puns, so all we'll say is to see if you can solve it and then click on Read More to see the solution.20050904-symbol.gif


Continue from the diagram:

24-19 15x24 20-16 12x19 27x20 18x27 31x6 9x18 26-22 1x10 22x6 White Wins.

This stroke is called Wyllie's Switcher Stroke.

The drink? It's a version of the Hawaiian Margarita, as served by Nacho Mama's in Richmond, Virginia. Hawaiian? Doubtful. Good? We haven't tried it (none of the Checker Maven staff drink alcoholic beverages), but it gets quite favorable reviews on the internet.

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