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April Speedster


Did winter speed by, and are we speeding into spring? Does time race by as fast as those cars race around the track?

Time certainly seems to subjectively pass faster as we get older; many studies have proven that assertion. On the checkerboard, too, time can speed by, especially when the clock is running.

You'll see what we mean when you try this month's speed problem. We're allowing 60 seconds--- a full minute--- because the problem is quite a bit harder than most of our speed problems.

April Speed Problem 60 seconds; relatively difficult

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White to Play and Draw


14-9! 5-14---A 22-18! 14-23---B 7-14 23-26 24-19 26-31 19-15 31-27 14-9 Drawn.

A---10-3 9-2 easily gets the draw for White.

B---Of course 10-3 18-2 is an obvious draw.

White has correctly identified Black's weakness, the man on 6, and exploited it via a brilliant pitch to pull off a draw. Maybe a bit much for a speed problem, but an enjoyable little challenge nonetheless.

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