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At the time of writing, much of the United States mainland was suffering from unseasonable heat, and the hottest month of the year, August, still lays ahead. We can only hope that our mainland friends get some fast relief.

Fast relief is also the subject of this month's speed problem. As you'll see when you click on the link below, with correct play Black can win quickly and head off to a refreshing shower or a tall, cool beverage ... if the right moves are made. We rate this problem as "easy to medium" and we'll give you a generous 15 seconds to find the win and earn your reward. When you've solved it, come back here and click on Read More to check your solution.

August Speed Problem (easy to medium, 15 seconds)



Black to Play and Win


2-6 15-18---A 17-14 10-7 14-18! 1-10 18-2 Black Wins.

A---10-7 17-22 1-10 22-6 Black Wins.

Now, how about that tall, cool one?


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