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Lee's Loophole

Does our photo show a 'loophole,' as advertised in our column's title, or something much more nefarious? That's the subject of today's excerpt from Willie Ryan's book, Tricks Traps & Shots of the Checkerboard. Willie sees a loophole. What do you see?

First, though, let's have Willie give us a brief introduction.

"Of the many subtle stratagems to be found in the mellowed pages of checker lore, none has impressed me so much as the deeply rooted Paul J. Lee 'rebound,' which I consider the best concealed drawing device I have ever seen. It may be brought up in play from various openings. Here is one method:"

10-15 24-19 6-9
22-18 15-24 22-18
15-22 28-19 1-6
25-18 8-11 21-17---1
9-13 29-25 13-22
18-14 11-16 26-17
11-15 25-22 6-10

White to Play and Draw


What will it be? Loophole or constriction? Can you solve this one without choking up? When you've made your attempt, slip your mouse through to Read More to see the outcome.

1---26-22 would have made for an easier journey for White---Ed.


"Continue: 27-24*!, 16-20---2, 31-26*!, 20-27,18-15, 9-18,15-6, 2-9, 23-14, 9-18, 32-14; a draw---3 . This is the only scientific way in which white can draw from the diagrammed stage."

2---9-13 would not give Black any advantage---Ed.

3---7-10 14-7 3-10 30-25 etc. to a clear draw---Ed.

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