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A Real Fooler

The gadget shown above is known as a "boost fooler." Our Research Department, which came up with this week's illustration, informs us that a "boost fooler" allows a diesel engine turbocharger to achieve additional boost, or to quote from their source: "The fooler can fool your motor into allowing more boost without tripping an engine light. Despite its cheesy design, the boost fooler works flawlessly."

Notwithstanding this interesting introduction, if you're really anxious to get top power out of your diesel engine, you'd best look elsewhere than The Checker Maven; for today we present a real fooler of a different kind, intended to give boost to your checker game. It's a setting by Tom Wiswell, and it's anything but cheesy in design.


White to Play and Draw


We warn you that this is a difficult problem, though it has at its heart a simple theme. Can you turbocharge your play and find the solution, or will your engine warning light go on? Gun your engines, give it a try, and then click on Read More to see the powerful solution.


27-23 25-30 23-19 30-26 11-7 3-10 15-6 26-23 6-2!---A 23-16 2-6 16-19 6-10 14-18 10-15! 19-10 28-24 20-27 32-7 Drawn.

A---19-16 8-12 16-11 20-24 28-19 23-7 Black Wins; or 19-15 23-18 15-10 14-17 21-14 18-2 Black Wins.

Other minor variations in the solution are possible, but if you solved this one, your motor is really roaring today.

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