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A Rush of Cold Air

In our main location here in North America, it's the time of year for those first gusts of really cold air, telling us that we've turned the corner towards winter, and we'll be spending more time indoors in front of the checkerboard. This month, to warm your interest, we have a speed problem that is instructive, interesting, and not all that hard--- if you don't get blown in the wrong direction.

We'll give you twenty seconds to gust through it and find the answer. To begin, just click on the link below to display the problem and start our cold-hearted Javascript clock.

November Speed Problem (fairly easy)

Got it? Click on Read More to breeze over to the solution.


22-18 13-17 30-26---A 17-21 26-22 21-25 18-15---B 11x18 22x6 White Wins.

A---Were you too hasty here? 18-14 doesn't work as Black draws with 11-15!

B---The classic idea of using Black's own man as a "backstop" to allow White to make a 2 for 1 shot.

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