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An Interesting Combination

Albuquerque, New Mexico, is perhaps an hour's drive south on Interstate 25 from our Santa Fe offices. We go there frequently, and with our eye for the unusual, we've spotted some rather unique combinations during our visits.

Where else will you find a Mexican-Greek restaurant?

Or a muffler repair shop that also houses a Vietnamese lunch counter?

It's not possible to top either of these eclectic melanges, but our checker problem today is a combination of a different sort.

For the sake of variety, on the first Saturday of each month we've alternated between speed problems and stroke problems. This time, we present a single problem that has aspects of both: you'll need to find the winning stroke in a rather short amount of time. The problem is fairly easy, and we think fifteen seconds should leave you with time to spare.

Of course, we're as infamous for our diabolical notion of "easy" as our Javascript clock is infamous for its unforgiving nature. But in any case, combine speed, clear thinking, and accurate play to solve this month's speed/stroke problem.

July Speed Problem

When you've worked it all out, click on Read More for the very pleasing solution paired with the actual game from which the position arose. Though we can't offer you tacos, gyros, a new muffler, or Vietnamese noodle soup, we do think you'll enjoy today's problem.



White to Play and Win


15-10! 6-31 24-15 31-24 28-3 White Wins.

The position arose in the following actual game: 12-16 24-19 8-12 22-18 4-8 18-14 9-18 23-14 10-17 21-14 16-23 27-18 12-16 28-24 8-12 26-23 16-20 31-27 6-9 25-21 1-6 30-26 11-16 32-28 6-10 29-25 10-17 21-14 2-6 18-15 9-18 23-14 3-8 25-22 16-19 22-18 12-16.

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