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As we race into February (where did those holidays go?) we'd like to introduce our Speed Department. These are easy problems to be sight-solved as quickly as possible. Click on the link for each problem and the diagram will appear.

How quickly can you solve these? A timer is running while you work! Click "Got It!" when you've figured it out and you'll see exactly how long it took.

Click Read More to check your solution.

These problems are provided courtesy of a gentleman named Charles, who in 2005 is celebrating his 60th year playing the Grand Old Game. He can be found on the GoldToken game site under the name NATONE. Look him up and play a friendly game or two.

Now: ready, get set, GO!

No. 1 (easy)

No. 2 (very easy)

No. 1

White to Play and Win
Solution: 28-24, 20-27, 19-15, 11-18, 23-14, 9-18, 32-23-14. Nice rebound setting.
No. 2

Black to Play and Win
Solution: 3-8, 12-3, 25-30, 3-10, 30-23-14-7. An in-and-outer combined with a slip.

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