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What's on the Tube?

In this article, we're offering you something quite different: a quick survey of what's on the tube. The "tube" we're referring to, of course, is the popular internet video site YouTube. Curious about the hype surrounding this site and its recent acquisition by Google for a fantastic sum of money, we decided to take a look for ourselves, and see if--- against all odds--- YouTube had anything to offer the checker enthusiast.

Apparently, YouTube has something for everyone, and we found checker-related videos (at least of a sort) in great quantity. We spent a little time (actually a little too much time) sorting through some of these and have selected a small sampling that might interest our readers.

Don't expect great technical production and professional acting, and above all don't expect great checkers. But do expect some unusual and unexpected checker-related entertainment. Here's our pick of the bunch, and we'd be interested to hear what you think. Write us at

Xtreme Checkers
A video game spoof.

King of Checkers
Rather humorous video
about "crowning."

Checker Shots
An attempt to teach checkers;
rather hard to follow.

They use red and white pieces
but ignore compulsory jumps!

Checker Master
An amazing win;
apparently Turkish checkers.

Checkers Gone Wrong
A surreal experience;
some rough language.

Ghost Checkers
Checkers and the supernatural!

Checker Battle
Checkers as drama,
played on an unusual board.

Split Personality

As suggested by reader
"Pal" Bucker.

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