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While we're a bit behind schedule, we still plan to release our electronic edition of Richard Pask's book Key Endings by the end of 2006. And, we've previously noted that in 2007 we'll be starting on the very ambitious project of a full electronic reissue of Mr. Pask's Solid Checkers.

However, we've chosen the next book to appear after Key Endings. We're very pleased to announce that you can expect a newly-typeset, electronic edition of Ken Grover and Tom Wiswell's enduring classic, Let's Play Checkers, some time in the first half of 2007 (we're estimating a June 1 release date).

Let's Play Checkers is one of the best selling checker books of all time. Long out of print, this 1940 book still commands respect over 65 years later. It's one of the first of very few checker books to ever present the "repertoire" concept, well-known to chess players, of playing a selected set of opening moves which have been carefully studied.

The "repertoire" concept of course applies only to freestyle or "go as you please" checkers, but as this is what is played by many an average checker fan, Let's Play Checkers is of great value and interest. Rounded out with formation or "landing" studies, endgame studies, and a great collection of problems, it isn't hard to see why this book became a classic best-seller.

Of course, as is the case with all of our electronic reissues, it will be available absolutely free of charge. We only ask that you too support and play our great game of checkers!

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